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Last release!

Get signed last album “Siberian Heathen Horde”!

  1. Spellcaster Welicoruss 6:13
  2. Siberian Heathen Horde Welicoruss 5:21
  3. Path Of Seductions Welicoruss 5:01
  4. Metaphysical (feat. Rob Carson) Welicoruss 7:02
  5. Tree Of Nations Welicoruss 5:40
  6. Crossroad Of Life (orchestral) Welicoruss 1:52
  7. The Prophecy Welicoruss 4:57
  8. Hymn Of Lost Souls Welicoruss 6:07

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About Us

After several years of intense focus, mixed with regular tours across Europe, Welicoruss is now ready to present their new album “Siberian Heathen Horde”, which has absorbed the sinister atmosphere of the most foreboding depths of Siberian forests, shamanic songs of past civilizations, forgotten deities, and hidden dimensions! The new album definitely will change your perspective on the band’s work, and indeed, will make you look at the symphonic black metal style in a whole new way, bringing freshness, progressiveness, and experimentation to the forefront. During 4 years of the band’s existence in Europe, Welicoruss have already played over 400 concerts, many of which were at the biggest metal festivals (Hellfest, Made Of Metal, Wave Gothic Treffen, Ragnarok, and ect), confirming their status as a truly original band!

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