Exactly 14 years ago in far 2005 the leader and composer of band Alexey Boganov met our first keyboard player Pavel Philukhin on concert of power metal band Deviaty Val in Novosibirsk! History of Welicoruss starts exactly from that time becouse after that he founded real band and started to play everywhere. A lot of time passed by, hundreds of gigs was played, tons of alcohol was drunk! It was nice and funny time, life changed really a lot and finally Welicoruss is here in heart of Europe to spread the music worldwide! We would like to thank everybody who ever took part in our live, played with us, had fun with us – without you Welicoruss was not possible and we hope long life to the band!

Here it is you could check rare and very old pics of Welicoruss and also from current time of our tour life (sorry for bad quality:)!