Friends, everyone knows corona slowly kills everything that relates to human communication. This also affected art, music and concerts. We have no possibility to play live (as well as other thousands of musicians) and we have no source of funding for our creative projects, but nevertheless we would like to go forward!
At the beginning of this year before releasing of “Siberian Heathen Horde” album, we planned to shoot several video clips in order to reveal our album even better and deeper, but we managed to shoot only two. Few months ago we had an idea to start crowdfunding compaign, because it allows you, Friends, to participate directly in creation of our new videos!
Now you can put your coin into common piggy bank, and the most daring ones can even appear in these videos! In exchange, you can choose completely different merch that matches the level of your investment – from a poster and a band badge to a band concert at your home! We prepared very special merch that we didn’t have before – T-shirts and Hoodies/Zippers with new designs, beanies, caps, pendant, coffee, tea, as well as completely unique things that exist in a single copy only – our tour backdrop (which has travelled with us during 3 years and more than 250 concerts!), original art used in design of “Az Esm” album and many more!
If you don`t have opportunity to support us in this crowdfunding financially, we will be very grateful if you just share this video on your social networks – this will definitely help us a lot!
We`re looking forward to your active support in creating of new video clips!