So, corona loosened its grip and it became possible to move across Europe and play gigs there! For a long time we waited and didn`t book any gigs due to current situation, our asses were almost rooted to the chairs and our legs were overgrown with moss! Now, breathing in fresh air of “freedom”, we are proud to publish tourdates of our mini-tour, half of which will be gigs with allmighty Eisregen and the other – with our friends from Innersphere! Together with these gentlemen, we will play an updated set and visit quite a lot of cities in Germany, Czech Republic, and even pop into Austria for glass of beer!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed so that this newfangled plague doesn`t return, and “madness from the east” retreats back into the lair from which it crawled!

27.05 DE Rostok
28.05 DE Flensburg
29.05 DE Hamburg
03.06 DE Wurzburg
10.06 DE Metal kingdom fest
17.06 DE Heimatfest Erfurt
24.06 DE Heimatfest Erfurt
29.07 CZ South Of Heaven fest
19.08 CZ Helpfest Olesna
20.08 CZ Rock Of Sadska fest
21.08 CZ Barrak Hrad fest
09.09 DE TBA
16.09 CZ Praha
17.09 CZ Brno
23.09 DE Lobau
24.09 CZ Ostrava
07.10 DE Regensburg
08.10 DE Morlenbach
14.10 DE Munich
15.10 DE Aalen
04.11 CZ Pilsen
05.11 DE TBA
18.11 DE Passau
19.11 AT Salzburg
02.12 CZ Klatovy
03.12 DE TBA

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