Very soon as part of our “post-COVID” tour we will blast stages in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Pilsen, performing long set list with all best songs, including hits from the latest “Siberian Heathen Horde”. We have very special guests for those events – Polish Vikings Valkenrag in Prague and Ostrava, Slovak doom/death metallers Doomas and Totenlegion from Germany in Brno, Pilsen we will play as co-headliner with our buddies from Innersphere. For all lovers of melodic, epic and gloomy music – we are waiting for you in your city [click on link below]:

16/09 Praha – Modrá Vopice [Welicoruss, Valkenrag, Outward]

17/09 Brno – Melodka [Welicoruss, Doomas, Totenlegion]

24/09 Ostrava – Barrák [Welicoruss, Valkenrag, Kazgaroth]

04/11 Pilsen – Divadlo Pod Lampou [Welicoruss, Innersphere, Neurotic Machinery]