1. Apeiron WELICORUSS 6:31
  2. To Far Worlds WELICORUSS 6:19
  3. BludFlower WELICORUSS 3:10
  4. Slava Rusi WELICORUSS 5:39
  5. Slava Rusi (feat. Silenzium) WELICORUSS 4:44
  6. Slavianskaia Sila (Elias remix) WELICORUSS 3:38
  7. Flower Of Universe WELICORUSS 3:01


“This is a Greek word and it means “primal”. It is a kind of emotional outburst, similar to the one which child breath in at his birth. This is the life-giving energy and the positive potential that lives in each person – it nourishes and makes confront the destructive force of chaos. This is the natural desire of every mother that her child would have been happy and not even think about the troubles. We live in exciting times, every day new horizons  opens up, which previously humanity only dreamed of, and it`s  depends only on us whether we accept it all. Apeiron – help us! “- Alex WelicoRuss Boganov.

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(Anastasia Kriger/Alexey Boganov) Translation from Russian

Open your eyes to see the Light –
Which millions of years.
Is kept by Time, from Heights unseen-
The Flame of Heaven’s Streams

While the everlasting feeling
Of primordial, ancient Silence
Spouts from the will to whisper
Words of Elemental forces!

So they’re flying free and wildly
Forming Life in sacred dancing –
Essence of the greatest Power
Neither will be tamed, nor conquered.

Ay! The Flame which flares in your heart
You must guard for all your lifetime
As you keep your home and loved ones
Safe from reckless, mad invaders.

Be your foes reduced to ashes
By your blazing, proud glare!
Hold your words as high as Hammer,
Make a stand for your free Spirit!


Apeiron [EP, 2009]

Artist :
Title : Apeiron
Release Date : 12. 5. 2009
Label :
Catalog ref. : WRCD002
Format : CD

1. Apeiron
2. To Far Worlds (instrumental)
3. BludFlower (instrumental)
4. Glory Of Russia
5. Glory Of Russia (orchestral version)
6. Slavonic Power (remix)
7. Flower Of Universe (instrumental)

Recorded and mixed between November 2008 and April 2009 in Tonhammer studio under the direction of Ilya Chursin